click & boom

I care deeply for my clients, their business and their success. My clients put their hearts and souls into the service they provide, the cakes they bake and the bespoke handcrafted items they sell – and so do I.

Finding the right people to partner with is a very difficult venture, I understand this. It is hard to hand over your social media pages, your website and your advertising budget to“a stranger”. This is why I go out of my way to not be a stranger – I become a part of your team, a partner of sorts, a critical member to working towards where your business should be!



A tireless seeker of happiness, an occasional purveyor of craft beer and heavy music whilst also being a full-time Mother to my little Lucy girl...and soon to be little boy!

Equal parts administrator and marketer finished with a drizzle of white chocolate and online creativity.

The values that run at the core of my soul are honesty, trust, passion and hard work.

Emma xx