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Covid-19 for small businesses

Small businesses are hurting. We are all hurting. Small businesses are struggling and potentially have even shut down (hopefully only temporarily) either by choice or Government regulations.

If you are a small business owner, you need to know that your customers are online...now, more than ever before! They have not deserted you. Their lives are just on hold...as is yours. I can guarantee that you have not lost them, they are still there, and they are watching you *very* closely! So what is your purpose now?? To engage with them, connect with them, and ensure you don't lose their interest. When life goes back to normal where will they go to get their hair cut? Where will they go for their first keep-cup coffee? Where will they go for their first breakfast once this is all over? ...hopefully to you! How can you ensure this? Keep your eye on my page for HEAPS of tips and tricks to help you keep your customers engaged and thinking about you.

Unsure how to go about this? I'd love to help! All advice is 100% free of charge!

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