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Facebook is removing Likes from the platform - what does this mean for small businesses?

Have you heard the news?

Facebook is following the lead of its sister company, Instagram in dropping the "Likes" count!

And lucky (or unlucky?) for us Australians, we are (yet again) the first country to have this rolled out.

“The driver for this has been feedback from well-being researchers and from mental health experts who are concerned about the sort of social pressure that happens when you can count how many likes or interactions another person gets compared to your own,” says Mia Garlick the Director of Policy at Facebook Headquarters.

It could take a few days for it to be rolled out to all users...unless you are in the small group of people who will not be effected, this will allow them to compare how people react.

As business owners you will still be able to see how many Likes you are receiving BUT your followers won't!

So what does it mean for small business owners?

Hopefully, nothing! 🤞

This will mean you need to ensure ALL of your posts are quality! It comes back to the good old "quality NOT quantity" saying. Some think that this will mean businesses need to throw more of their hard earned money at the social media giant, Facebook say that this is not the case. But, at the end of the day Facebook is a business, and it wants to make a profit just like you and me. Do you really think that they would do something that would effect their profits? Mmmm...I doubt it. 🤔

I do like the fact that those Liking my posts are liking them because they genuinely are interested, not because their friend Liked it.

So do I think it will impact you? Potentially, in a small way, but it shouldn't effect you too much. I wonder if those effected most will be Influencers, as they are purely interested in the amount of Likes they receive - as this is how they earn their money from their Sponsors!


Aimed at helping its users focus more on the quality of the posts they Like rather than the amount of Likes they have received. Facebook has in the past been accused of making social interaction competitive and damaging - particularly to young users, as they can tend to focus on what is trending, rather than what they are genuinely interested in. Facebook almost built itself around the Like button, and it is now a globally recognized online symbol for approval.

My Conclusion

Personally, it doesn't bother me, and I think that it will ensure your Likes are real, not following trends. It will force businesses to post great content and my newsfeed will be all the better for it! If you are worried about how it will effect you, contact me today!

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